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Alien Invasion

This event has expired on 29 Jan 2014 15:00:00 +0000 .

Alien Invasion
Jens IngelsAdded by Jens Ingels
Collect alien items, play Space Trip minigame and fight to win the amazing unique dragons!


Alien Dragon 3
Nic.nexAdded by Nic.nex
Alien Dragon
Mars Dragon 3
AndibadAdded by Andibad
Mars Dragon


  • Collect Alien items, get abducted in the Space Trip Minigame, and win battles to get the two new exclusive Dragons
  • Note that you can collect more items by using speedups in farming, breeding, daily fights and Space trips
  • You can collect from farming, breeding, adding friends, completing levels in the Space trip minigame, and defeating enemies in the Fights of the Alien Island

If you want to add both Alien and Mars Dragon to your collection you will need to get all the items. Good Luck dragon tamer!


Collect alien items, play Space Trip minigame and fight to win the amazing unique dragons!



  • In Beam Guns, last time you can get one every 24 hours. Its now reduced to 12 hours.
  • In Space Trip mini-game at 7th time out of 10. Lots of golds and foods and 1 gem placed there and formed in letters naming: DRAGON CITY (NO OBSTACLES IN THIS LEVEL)
  • In Space Trip mini game at the 8th level, after the above mentioned food / gem / no obstacles, this level has obstacles with NO gold, food, or gems. 
  • Even if one does not plan to get the dragons (or spend gems on them), playing Space Trip can yield 1 gem per try (try to advance to a level in which a gem can easily be collected and then crash to an obstacle before you finish the level) and even the Fight Map can be used to advance ranks of some of your dragons slightly.

Space Trip

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