• Start: 2014-Jan-23 15:00:00 GMT
  • Duration: 6 days
  • Default Discount: 25%


  • Beam Guns - Get 1 free every 12 hours to get all 7 of them. Purchase another for 3 gems without waiting.
  • UFO's - Collect all 15  from collecting foods from farms. Purchase another for 5 gems. Estimated 10 UFOs for every 50 000 Food gon at game level 65.
  • Space Trip - A minigame within a minigame to bring the alien to his spaceship. You can pick up some gold, food or gem bonus on the game. Play every 2 hours to collect 1 of all 8. Purchase a Space Trip for 5 gems each or 2 gems to play again without waiting.
  • Asteroids - Get asteroids by inviting friends to play Dragon City. 5 asteroids needed. Your friends need not accept, but you may need to refresh the screen. Purchase each Asteroid for 5 gems if you do not wish to send invites.
  • Baby Aliens - Collect all 6 Baby Aliens by breeding dragons. Or, you may purchase a Baby Alien for 3 gems.
  • Laser Sword (Fight Map) - Battle with selected Dragons in the Fight Map/Battle Map (see following Section) for 7 wins. Interval of 5h between Battles, or spend 2 gems to start another Battle right away. 5 gems are required if you find the Battle too hard.

Collect all 75 items to get the exclusive extraterrestrial dragons: The Mars Dragon & The Alien Dragon.

Getting Baby AliensEdit

The data in this section has not been confirmed. Proceed with caution.

For Breeding time of:

  • 48 hours → 75 %, (- 0.12 % every item)
  • 16 Hours → 50 %, (- 0.12 % every item)
  • 15 Hours → 35 %, (- 0.12 % every item)

Battle MapEdit

Alien battle map

Level 4-8 Dragons recommended.

# Opponent Weak Against Try Avoid Using
1 Element MetalElement Dark Zombie Round ElectricRound Dark Element Electric Electric Round TerraRound IceRound MetalRound Light
2 Element FlameElement Metal Medieval Round SeaRound Electric Element Electric Electric Round SeaRound IceRound TerraRound Ice
3 Element FlameElement Dark Vampire Round SeaRound Electric Element Electric Electric Round SeaRound IceRound MetalRound Light
4 Element DarkElement Sea Pirate Round TerraRound NatureRound Light Element Terra Terra Round MetalRound LightRound FlameRound ElectricRound War
5 Element NatureElement Ice Mojito Round TerraRound Ice Element Terra Terra Round DarkRound LightRound NatureRound War
6 Element FlameElement Metal Robot Round SeaRound Electric Element Electric Electric Round TerraRound IceRound FlameRound Metal
7 Element SeaElement Nature Mars Round FlameRound War Element SeaElement Flame Blizzard Round FlameRound ElectricRound WarRound DarkRound Light

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