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Ancient Portal


There's something in the air these days... Can you feel it? Sense the grandeur! Feel the magnificence! Something is going to happen. Something BIG.


The ancient portal can be rebuilt when a user reaches level 27. It can now be rebuilt in mobile and PC versions of the game.


Breeding is now available.


The dragons must be summoned using a variety of stones. Once summoned you can upgrade all the way to a level 5 to get more platinum.

The SetupEdit

You will first unlock the portal.


The How ToEdit



Available buildingsEdit


Quantity: 6

Used to obtain crystals. Uses gold and time to produce them. Requires platinum and enough levels to unlock. Also uses platinum to upgrade.


Quantity: 6

Used to accommodate ancient world dragons. Can only accommodate dragons which are summoned by the summoning wall, not by the breeding station. Can be upgraded using platinum.

Summoning wallEdit

Quantity: 1

Used to summon ancient world dragons. Uses crystals.

Crafting stationEdit

Quantity: 1

Used to fuse crystals. Useful for summoning and evolving ancient world dragons.

Evolution stationEdit

Quantity: 1

Used to level up dragons. Uses crystals. Can evolve dragons up to level 5. Unlocked with 750k gold.

Breeding stationEdit

Quantity: 1

Used to breed ancient world dragons. Resulting eggs go straight to the Hatchery outside the portal. Hatched dragons are raised in the normal world and can be used for combat. Unlocked with 1M gold.

All buildings are automatically obtained once you enter the portal. You can only unlock or upgrade buildings. You are unable to build any buildings yourself... as of now.

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