The Anniversary Island Event is a free daily dragon.You get a exclusive dragon every day for free.

Anniversary Island


*Start 24 July., 2017

*Duration 7 days

*End 30 July., 2017


Day Dragon Clue
Double Terra Dragon 3
Double Terra Dragon
The dragon you will get tomorrow is extremely hot. Be careful when placing it, don't burn yourself! Start making room in a fire habitat.
Double Flame Dragon 3
Double Flame Dragon
Tomorrow's dragon reminds us about summer and beach. Get your flip-flops ready!
Double Sea Dragon 3
Double Sea Dragon
A fresh breeze! All your Nature Habitats will bloom tomorrow.
Double Nature Dragon 3
Double Nature Dragon
Our next dragon comes supercharged! He will light up your whole city!
Double Electric Dragon 3
Double Electric Dragon
Tomorrow's dragon was responsible for the last cold winter. Put a coat and scarf! He's back. Lv 14 Masters will know how to catch him.
Double Ice Dragon 3
Double Ice Dragon
Our weeklong celebration is ending. Just missing the toughest of them all! Lvl 18 Masters will be pleased. Feed all double-element dragons and explore incredible breeding combinations!
Double Metal Dragon 3
Double Metal Dragon
None (Event Ended)


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