Chapter 1Edit

Aztec Habitat
Aztec Habitat The ancient aztec dragons practice their maths and predict eclipses at the Aztec Habitat.
Alt Display Elem Player Level Xp template Dragon Amount Max Gold Bar Icon Build Time
Element Aztec Elem Plant 5 N/A 3 60,000 N/A

Note: This building is also supported on mobile versions (iOS & Android)

Chapter 2Edit

Aztec Warrior Dragon 3

Aztec Warrior Dragon Hiding deep in the jungle, this amazing warrior can wait days and days, until his prey is defenseless. Then when he strikes, one single blow is usually enough for him to defeat his enemy.

Elements HP Category Attacks Weakness
Element AztecElem Fire 4 Round Physical Punch

Round Nature Poison Ivy
Round Physical Hard Charge
Round Flame Flaming Arrows

Round TerraRound Ice

Chapter 3Edit

Aztec Priest Dragon 3

Aztec Priest Dragon The stars hold no secrets for the Aztec Priest Dragon. His knowledge of the Universe is as famous as his amazing cape, made from real dragon skin.

Elements HP Category Attacks Weakness
Element AztecElem Dark 4 Round Physical Flying Kick

Round Nature Leaf Blast
Round Physical Stunning Hit
Round Dark Leech

Round TerraRound Ice

Chapter 4Edit

Aztec Emperor Dragon 3

Aztec Emperor Dragon He comands armies of thousands. His people love him. He has dominated and won dozens of wars. It's understandable that after all this stress, he has relaxed a little. And maybe gotten a little bit chubby.

Elements HP Attacks Weakness
Element AztecElem ElectricSymbol Light 4 Round Physical Stunning Hit

Round Nature Stitching Roots
Round Electric Electric Shock
Round Light Light Star

Round TerraRound Ice

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