• All Aztec Dragons have Aztec Element primary (alternate display of Nature). So their weakness are Nature's weakness, which are Round TerraRound Ice
  • Use any dragon with atleast 1 of these elements, also it's crucial to have an trained attack of this element type.
  • Your dragon should also have an primary element that resists agains nature attack, and other element(s) of specific Aztec Dragons (Flame, Dark, Electric, Light). So I suggest the best way to do is using a Element PureElement Terra Pure Terra or Element TerraElement Pure Ivory. If not possible, you can get a good dragon like Element FlameElement Ice Cool Fire, Element TerraElement Metal Armadillo, etc... Be careful with other elements of enemy, they may critical hit your dragon and you will have to wait 24 hours to counter it again.
  • If you're a new player, and don't have any fancy Dragons, just use a Terra Dragon at lv 4. One-shot kill. Every. Single. Time. :)

Recommended ListEdit

Leave your recommended dragon and your name here, it's fun to see all of us working together xD

Number Username Recommended Dragon(s) Enemy Dragon(s)
1 Nmtan Element PureElement Terra Pure TerraElement TerraElement Pure Ivory unspecified level all Aztec Dragons
2 Rianza33 Element TerraElement Pure Ivory unspecified level all Aztec Dragons
3 Karol lol Element PureElement Ice Pure Ice unspecified level all Aztec Dragons
4 CyBeRdrgn Element Terra Terra lv 4 all Aztec Dragons
5 William andersson Element TerraElement Dark Hedgehog lvl 4 all Aztec Dragons
6 Limkimsamnang Element Legend Wind lvl 22 all Aztec Dragons
7 Palcto Element TerraElement Ice Alpine lvl 10 all Aztec Dragons
8 Solstice2000 Element Legend Crystal lvl 22 (3 gold stars) all Dragons

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