Our damage values are base values. Actual damage values during battle are randomized.
Round Dark Life Drain · Leech · Ghost Cloud · The Grim Reaper · Black Hole
Black Hole
Black Hole


Black Hole


Round Dark



Training Time

2 days


Dragons that use this attack:

  • <autocategory not implemented yet>


  • This attack is based on black holes from space in real life. Black holes are places with enough gravity to absorb anything that approaches it (including light photons, which explains why they are completely invisible).
  • Black holes are often created when a very massive star dies, creating a supernova and collapsing on itself due to its once-powerful gas pressure being unable to counteract the star's own gravitational forces.
  • The Abyss Dragon's animation cycle shows it going into a Black Hole and returning from the sky.



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