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    Crazy Hacker

    April 7, 2014 by Beyblademaster786

    Someone,ANYONE here tell me if is it me or is this guy crazy

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    Anyone here want this dragon right here.Another Poo dragon.Yaaaay...

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    Unabling help

    April 5, 2014 by Beyblademaster786

    Help! When i try to send invitations to help me open the Noble Temple, it just stays the same even though i press the send button again and again. When i try to login to tell Social Point this, it just says unable to login. One more thing, the game refreshed when i won an extra battle in Combat World. Was supposed to have 5 wins instead of 4 but still, i need as many tries i need to beat that level 40 and level 64 player.

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    Cara mendapatkan kratus dragon itu


    War Dragon + Pure Dragon 

    = Kratus Dragon

    Jangan menyerah 

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    My Breeding Record

    April 1, 2014 by NZGuru
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    Hamody Asgail


    March 30, 2014 by Hamody Asgail

    Being a chat moderate was a honor to me , being a rollback was a double honor to me but the two in one go ? I don't know what I did to get that but as it a reality now I wish to me as good as I can and as you expect from me.


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    • Most of you should already know this, but some still only realize about it only after getting it.
    • This works on mobile for sure, but I don't know for PC.

    This is a very simple guide on finding out a special habitat's element before getting it. It is sometimes useful if you know that you can only try for the habitat and want to know if the habitat has the suitable element you need.

    1. Click/Tap on the Event Island.
    2. Click/Tap on any special dragon to see its details.
    3. Look at its elements and remember them.
    4. Repeat Step 3 on the rest of the dragons.
    5. Now see which element does all special dragons from the event have.
    6. That will be the habitat's element!
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    Cheyser the Cavelazer Blast

    Vote now!

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    You tell me what should i do. I can either get Archangel dragon (since i'm level 26) and waste all my money on it. And then save up for a light habitat. Or i can save up for a habitat (have no room for one LOL) and then get the archangel dragon. Or i can Naithere get both and just waste it for more food for my dragons. You decide...

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    Here I will put all my exclusive dragons or new light/war dragons which I get from breeding. With NO LEGENDS.

    1.Before the new Light and

     War dragons update (when exclusives could be bred without using legendaries, like now)

    - Sky Dragon. (24.06.2013) It was my first exclusive. His breedings are the same now as the ones before the LaW update. The formula I used was:

    Flaming Rock (lvl 10) + Gold (lvl 10) (11,11% chances - you need to get a 20h breeding, which may result in a Music too, or other things, if the dragons are +lvl 15)

    2.After the new update (when more exclusives/LaW dragons became breedable)

    - Treasure Dragon (Metal + Terra) (14.03.2014). I got it breeding:

    White Knight (lvl 20) + Chobby (lvl 15) (12,50% chances - 12h breeding - may resul…

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    Breeding Log

    March 14, 2014 by Addictofdragon

    Pure Ice level 4   Pure Terra level 4  48:00  Pure Ice

    Pure Sea level 4   Pure Ice level 4 12:00  Ice Cube

    Pure  level 4 and Pure Ice level 4 48:00 Pure ice

    Pure Nature level 4 and Pure Ice level 4 54:00 Legendary

    Pure Terra level 4 and Pure Ice level 4 54:00 Crystal

    Terra level 10 and Tropical level 10 20:00 Centipede

    Pure Nature level 4 and Pure Flame level 4 10:00 Firebird

    Pure Ice level 7 and Pure level 7 42:00 Pure

    Pure Terra level 4 and Pure Ice level 7 54:00 Wind

    Pure Ice level 7 and Pure Terra level 7 48:00 Pure Terra

    Armadillo Level 17 and Cool Fire level 13 20:00 Great White

    Wind level 13 and Pure level 7 48:00 Pure Metal

    Wind level 13 and Pure level 7 48:00 Pure Electric

    Pure Flame level 7 and Pure Metal level 7 54:00 Wind

    Pure Ice level 15 and …

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    ===="Karate Bick Break"

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    4 Elements

    March 10, 2014 by Adnanmustadjab.aras

     Aztec Emperor Dragon dapat menjadi naga 4 element dengan cara melatih semua atec nya tetapi tidak pada matahari dan tinjunya di ganti dengan element pure 

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    Cara mendapatkan Nirobi yaitu

    Dng Cara Meng kawinkan Odin Dragon dengan Archangel Dragon

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    Anyone can leave a comment on my blog. My favorite dragon is the gummy dragon so far. I think I like the diamond dragon too...

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    Droconos Dragon

    March 8, 2014 by Gabitzuuul.1000

    I love very much this dragon!!! Forever!

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    Hamody Asgail

    Hi, I am now trying to breed ice exclusive dragons like Ice&Fire , Prisma and Diamond by Droconos Level 20 and Ice level 10 bit after I used the breeding Calcilator I figured out that it will Not get me Ice&Fire so Now I am Trying Odin level 20 and Nightwind Level 15,

    Add to that I wanted a Seahorse long time ago so I am Trying Lantern Fish L 10 and Dandelion L 10 it can give me seahorse buy percentage 12.50 % I made the 1 st try and they are breeding for 6 hours.

    You must try that calculator it's very useful ! XD

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    I'm Back. Again.

    March 7, 2014 by Sheenalinda

    Hello everybody! I wrote this blog on March 7, 2014. A long time ago, I had deleted Dragon City from my device because I was frustrated at a point in the game where I could not get pass the ice tournament at level 3. I should've fed my dragons at a higher level p, but I wanted to save money, and food was too expensive for me in my opinion. It was probably because I was trying to save money. The other reason I quit was because the habitats were too expensive and I don't have Facebook. I was trying to save money for a pure habitat for a pure dragon I got. So I'm back, but I have to start over (which I really don't mind).

    I hope Social Point has actually fixed some of this.

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    I'm Back

    March 7, 2014 by Sheenalinda

    Hello everybody! I wrote this blog on March 7, 2014. A long time ago, I had deleted Dragon City from my device because I was frustrated at a point in the game where I could not get pass the ice tournament at level 3. I should've fed my dragons at a higher level p, but I wanted to save money, and food was too expensive for me in my opinion. It was probably because I was trying to save money. The other reason I quit was because the habitats were too expensive and I don't have Facebook. I was trying to save money for a pure habitat for a pure dragon I got. So I'm back, but I have to start over (which I really don't mind).

    I hole Social Point has actually fixed some of this content.

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    Hamody Asgail

    Stellar Family

    March 7, 2014 by Hamody Asgail

    Stellar Family is a group of Dragons that are related to space and Cosmic phenomena which are :

    Star Dragon :

    • As an adult, it shoots stars with fireworks.
    • Together with the Terra , Flame and the Lantern Fish Dragon, they are the four dragons in the cover when the game is loading.
    • This dragon is also available in Dragon Black Market.

    Sun Dragon :

    • According to the Copernican model, the earth orbits the sun.
    • The sun is actually a small star. There are in fact many stars larger than our sun.
    • We named our star Sol -- hence, the Solar system.
    • "Sunday" is named for the sun.
    • The sun's surface has an average temperature of (5505°C).
    • It holds a sun sign on his egg and also its chest.

    Moon Dragon :

    • This dragon changes appearance when it sees the moon.
    • The Moon Dra…

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    At the moment I am using a level 22 Element dragon at 3 gold stars, level 20 Blizzard dragon at 3 gold stars and level 19 Flaming Rock Dragon at 3 gold stars.  I know I need to get other dragons up there, and on occassion I use my level 15 Platinum and level 15 Gummy to boost their combat stats.  As is stands, I am behind on getting my dragons up to snuff for maxing them out.

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    Hamody Asgail

    Dragon Pages

    March 2, 2014 by Hamody Asgail

    Hamody Asgail (talk) 04:27, March 2, 2014 (UTC)Hi,

    We need help by editnig dragon pages to Give it back some of it's usefulness until the template problem is solved,We are useing Pharaoh Dragon page as model so please help us reform the wikia ,

    Thanks.Hamody Asgail (talk) 04:27, March 2, 2014 (UTC)

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    Breeding Table

    March 1, 2014 by Kailzen
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    Stephen Sietsema

    DC activity

    February 27, 2014 by Stephen Sietsema

    Got the dark stone dragon egg today! I am very excited to hatch it.

    Hatched the Rainbow Dragon and Got the War habitat today!

    Got the Wyvern Dragon today from the Deus Daily Bonus and got the Nightwind Dragon.

    Got the Burning Dragon from the Recruitment Tavern ,the Photon Dragon ,and the Martial Arts Dragon from the Japanese Island.

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    New Breeding Log

    February 24, 2014 by Rianza33

    Date Parent1 Level1 Parent 2 Level 2 Hours Result
    02/23/2014 War Dragon 15 Platinum Dragon 15 30 War Dragon
    02/24/2014 Nirobi 30 Mercury Dragon 15 12 Hammer Dragon
    02/25/2014 Seashell Dragon 15 War Dragon 15 36 Panzer Dragon
    02/25/2014 Terra Dragon 20 Flame Dragon 21 20 Aztec Dragon
    02/25/2014 Icecube Dragon 15 War Dragon 15 36

    02/26/2014 Elfic Dragon 15

    Burning Dragon

    15 24


    Archangel Dragon

    20 Fossil Dragon 20 18 Archangel Dragon
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    February 23, 2014 by Pivato

    Egg Dragon Elements Date/Event Breedable Generation Adult
    Cold Star
    17 Feb 2014

    Dragon Book

    Yes EX-II-d Read more >
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    Planet-hee haw

    Name: Urine Dragon

    Elements:Dark,Water and Nature

    Attacks (normal):stunning hit,rottening spell,acid rain and ghost cloud

    Attacks (trained):whirl pool,grim reaper,poison ivy,karate brick break

    Appearances:level up to level 25 to get in store

    Appearance:looks like a Urine cup starts growing wings at level 5 has long arms with claws and starts growing legs at age 5 eventually turns into a giant urine cup thats muscular also from age 5-40 has a tail that squirts urine. The Urine dragon is a yellowish collor with sharp pointed teeth and has green highlights on his arms and legs.

    Animation:as a 1-4 stage dragon it bounces and sloshes urine around out of the top of it's head since the lid (at this time) is loose, as a 5-9 stage the Urine dragon squirt…

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    My choice of dragons

    February 14, 2014 by Carim123

    Hello there! This blog is about combat and choices of dragons. For a full chart of strengths and weaknesses go to Combat. To view a dragons full attacks go to its page, for Example I want to see the attacks of the terra dragon I search in the top right bar Terra Dragon. You can also go to a dragons page by clicking on a link for example Terra Dragon will redirect to the Terra dragon page.

    It's best to first go to Combat for this one because it affects the choice of dragons, example. I would risk the need to go first if there is a sea dragon and you use a flame, So rather use a Blizzard because it does critical to the sea while getting a weak effect (not nature because nature attacks are weak to sea although it takes no effect from sea). Fro…

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    My favourite dragons

    February 13, 2014 by Blizzardia

    Hey guys my favourite dragons so far are blizzard dragon and music dragon.Ilike them because my blizzard dragon has 3 silver stars so when i use it in battle its attack is very high.I like music dragon because i like music.My favourite singer is Taylor Swift.Her songs are fab.Tell me what is your favourite dragons!

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    Breeding Log

    February 9, 2014 by GremlinKnight

    20140210 Firebird Dragon (Level 10) + Star Dragon (Level 10) = 12h Hot Metal Dragon

    20140210 Firebird Dragon (Level 10) + Star Dragon (Level 10) = 12h Laser Dragon

    20140211 Firebird Dragon (Level 10) + Star Dragon (Level 10) = 10h Gummy Dragon

    20140209 Ice Dragon (Level 10) + Flaming Rock Dragon (Level 10) = 15h Alpine Dragon

    20140210 Terra Dragon (Level 10) + Flame Dragon (Level 10) = 1min Volcano Dragon

    20140210 Alpine Dragon (Level 10) + Volcano Dragon (Level 7) = 1min Flaming Rock Dragon

    20140211 Alpine Dragon (Level 10) + Volcano Dragon (Level 7) = 1min Volcano Dragon

    20140211 Alpine Dragon (Level 10) + Volcano Dragon (Level 7) = 16h Alpine Dragon

    20140211 Alpine Dragon (Level 10) + Volcano Dragon (Level 10) = 16h Alpine Dragon

    20140215 Snowfl…

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    DCW has been featured in the dragon city app page on facebook

    due to everybodies hardwork we the DCW have reached a new level

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    It is just unfair!!!

    February 8, 2014 by Chrispy2111

    I have been playing Dragon City for a very long time now.  I enjoy fighting other people's dragons.  And I enjoy winning and gaining experience (XP).  However, I have leveled up over 50 levles without receiving XP and I do not know why.   I have written the developers and I have complained to Facebook, but no one has ever gotten back to me about this problem.   I am currently at a 72, but I figure I should be at about an 80 something if I had been receiving all the XP I should have received for leveling up in the fighting world.  There I am up to level 328.   So, does anyone else experience this problem?   I would be interested in hearing form you.   Is it a problem with my computer?   If it is, how do I fix it?   I have just about given u…

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    February 8, 2014 by Gio9012
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    Jens Ingels

    Event Page Design

    February 7, 2014 by Jens Ingels

    You probaly already noticed the Category:Events currently is an bit empty and not intressting for the players. Good news since I have plans for an big change to this one:

    Both the countdown on every page as this page will get an hugh rework. Currently I'm still brainstorming but here we go:

    1. dc-events
    • Image
    • Event Name
    • Device
    • Timer (alt expire time)
    • Type of event (offer,quest, etc)
    • Older events (in collapse or other page)

    I'm also planning to replace the current location of the count down on the dragon page to an different location this are the current idea:

    • Inside the infobox (replace with history and move history deeper)
    • Below on the page.

    Feel free to come with more idea.

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    Here is the battle table for Castle Quest, I will update it with every battle I do:

    Opponent     My dragon Level Stars Attacks Attack used
    Medieval Dragon Pirate Dragon 22     3 (gold)      2 Acid Rain
    Flame Dragon Frankie Dragon 22    1 (gold)      2 Electro Ball
    Metal Dragon Wyvern Dragon 16  None      2 Life Drain
    Platinum Dragon Pirate Dragon 22     3 (gold)      2 Black Hole
    Hot Metal Dragon Pirate Dragon 22    3 (gold)      2  Acid Rain

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    It's no fair

    February 5, 2014 by Beyblademaster786

    I have a problem with dragon city. I am level 26 in Dragon city so i am at the stage  to get the light dragons but i do not have enough money to get it. Thats the first problem. The second is i do not have any space to put the light habitat and i have already bought the second island and filled it up which means that i have to use 25 gems to buy the next. But i cannot because my 3 level 15 dragon(Venom,Soccer and Monstrous) dragon keeps on losing to a level 33 and level 34 person since i am on league 24. They have pures and legends which are level 20 it is so fustrating. I could get 2 gems from combat but i connot since i am on combat diamond level 3 which is with dragons until the level 24.Yes 24! Please help me since i just don't have an…

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    Here is the battle table, I will update it with every battle I do:

    Opponents My dragons Level Stars Hits  Attack used
    Zombie Dragon Loki Dragon 22    3 (gold)  2 The Grim Reaper
    Medieval Dragon Gold Dragon 15    2 (gold)  1 Tesla Ray
    Vampire Dragon Frankie Dragon 22    1 (gold)   2 Electro Ball
    Pirate Dragon Wyvern Dragon 16 None   2 Sand Storm
    Mojito Dragon Chobby Dragon 15 None   2 Frost Nova
    Robot Dragon Pirate Dragon 22    3 (gold)   2 Acid Rain
    Mars Dragon Loki Dragon 22    3 (gold)   2 Magma Storm

    Lol I forgot that Water is critical against war, so I used Loki for Mars. But he did not hit me with water attack!

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    Dragon City, Get deus vault.

    February 1, 2014 by Jeear

    pls delete

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    worst dragons

    January 29, 2014 by Ivano2006

    say 1-3 WORST DRAGONS

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    January 29, 2014 by Weishun09
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    poo dragon(how to get)

    January 25, 2014 by Ivano2006

    Breed mud with dark,pure terra and petroleum,terra and petroleum, mud and pure dark

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    Mohamed essam
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    Document Name Format: (Name of Quest) Island e.g., Pirate Island

    Redirects: Alternate Quest names --> Document Name Format (as above)


    Also referenced as:


    Version: FB / iOS / Android / Mobile / All

    Run Time:

    • Start:
    • End:
    • Duration: >


    Help Text:

    • Collect items around Dragon City to win unique Dragon prizes!
    • Remember that you can collect more items using speedups in farming, breeding and combats!
    • You can collect from breeding, farming, collecting daily items, collecting habitats and combat wins!
    • To get the Jellyfish Dragon you must collect a certain number of items.
    • To get the Octopus Dragon you must collect all items of each type and win all fights!


    Jellyfish Dragon
    Collect 56 Items Octopus Dragon
    Collect All Items


    Complete the Pirate Quest by collecting…

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    Opponents My dragons Level Stars Hits Attacks used
    Seashell Dragon Wyvern Dragon 15 None 2 Flamethrower
    Coral Dragon Frankie Dragon 22 3 (silver) 2 Sand Storm
    Seahorse Dragon Soccer Dragon 9 None 1 Nuclear Hit
    Pirate Dragon Frankie Dragon 22 3 (silver) 2 Sand Storm
    Plankton Dragon Frankie Dragon 22 3 (silver) 3 Electro Ball
    Jellyfish Dragon Blizzard Dragon 10 3 (bronze) 1 Flaming Arrows
    Octopus Dragon Halloween Dragon 20 2 (bronze) 2 Rottening Spell Read more >
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    Pirate Island Battle Map

    January 15, 2014 by Rianza33
    Battle Map
    Opponent Used Level Result Attacks Stars

    15 Won 2 1 B

    7 Won 2 None

    15 Won 2 1 B

    15 Won 2 1B

    15 Won 2 1B

    15 Won 2 None

    12 Won 2 None Read more >
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    All of My Dragons

    January 14, 2014 by RapidsLurker15

    You may have noticed that on my user page I created a link to this blog post. Now I'm here to write it.

    I currently have 61 dragons.

    Infernus the Immolator
    Krakatoa the Shattered
    Issyl of the Frozen Wastes
    Niagara Falls
    Mar-Blurpa the Weaponsmith
    Kindrix the Psionic
    Sok'ran the Untamed
    Kenina the Igniter
    Portmanteau of "cypress" (named after Skulking Cypress) and "oppression"
    Blitzer-Mech Falkora
    The fact that the baby Ice Dragon turns into a snowball. It's actually kind of adorable.
    He's a Snowflake Dragon.
    Bullwinkle J. Moose
    Saracon, Storm Dynamo
    Ba'kaar Frostwing
    Cumulonimbus clouds
    Darth Maul
    XT-4 Brutefist
    He is based on the Mad Hatte…

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    Breeding Log 2

    January 13, 2014 by Thaliviell

    This is the second part of my Breeding Log.

    For my own record, here is what I did since I started the game:

    Start: 12th of December

    Level 27: 10 days (Dec-22)

    Level 34: 17 days (Dec-29)

    Level 44: 32 days (Jan-13)

    Money spent: ~15$

    Active dragons: 130 (Jan-13)

    PVP team: (Jan-13)

    Pure Dark Dragon Lv23 Rank 5

    Pure Sea Dragon Lv23 Rank 5

    Pure Electric Dragon Lv23 Rank 2

    Dragon Book: 150/201 (Jan-13)

    Dragon League: 38 (Jan-13)

    I guess I spent too much time playing this game recently, so I'll be less active from now on. Nevertheless, it was really fun to play this game and it still is fun.

    From now on I'll try breeding Legendary Dragons. I still need 30 more Pure Dark dragons to fill 8 Big Dark Habitats (in order to increase income). So if Pure Dragons and Pur…

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    Anmol Sharda


    January 12, 2014 by Anmol Sharda


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    Battles for wonder island

    January 11, 2014 by Nolimit3
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