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Breeding is a feature which enables the player to reproduce their dragons, while generating different varieties of dragons. This allows players to acquire dragons without resorting to buying eggs with gems. Other purposes of breeding are:

  • Complete collections in Dragon Book.
  • Acquire better dragons for Combat & Earning.
  • Generate income and experience by selling hatched dragons.





  • The breeding system is similar to the one from pokémon games.
  • Gen(eration) classification of each dragon is a DCW-made device to assist players in the determination of the likelihood of breeding that dragon. Credits --> Andibad.


  • As at 26-July-2013 (LaW update), the Breeding system has been changed. The Pure Dragon is now an Elemental Dragon, and can be bought at the Store. Due to the change in the status of the Pure, it and Pure Hybrids are now very easy to breed.
  • Sometime Mid-2013, the Deus Vault was removed from the Store. Many of the dragons from the Deus Vault are now breedable, and are now classified as Breedable Exclusives.
  • Approximately 6:30, September 23, 2012 in Tuesday, an official update in Dragon City's Facebook page showed that Rarity Boost raises the chances of getting a Rare, Legend or Pure Dragon is increased by 50%. The probability of getting a Pure has since (LaW update) been changed.
  • The breeding times have been changed. Previously, the breeding time was calculated as a total of the parents breeding time. Currently most dragon's breeding times are equal to the hatch time.


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