• Parents must be at least level 2.
  • All breedable Ancient Dragons have a 16 hour breeding time.
  • Eggs may not immediately show in the Hatchery. Going back to Ancient World will normally correct this.
  • Normal dragons can result from breeding Ancient Dragons, based on their third elements.
  • If trying for a normal dragon, use Ancient Dragon parents that can't result in an Ancient hybrid.


Type Element Magic Element Chaos Element Beauty Element Happy Element Dream Element Soul
Element Magic
Element Chaos Secret Fire
Element Beauty Mermaid Red Rose
Element Happy Gurgle Naughty Bride
Element Dream Illusion Prophet Flawless Ballon
Element Soul Chakra Underworld Amber Amazing Dreamcatcher

Suggested Breeding PairingsEdit

  • Pairings are based on minimizing the worst case breeding time for misses
  • There are other pairings which will also work
  • The table is sortable (click on the arrows next to the desired column)
Desired Child Parent One Parent Two Max miss (minutes) Max miss dragon(s)
Secret Fire Swin-Jin Piercing 420 Gummy
Mermaid Rebird Gorgoneia 300 Cloud
Red Rose Edeluxe/Guardangel Piercing 540 Dandelion Mojito
Gurgle Surfaster Gorgoneia 0.5 Sea
Naughty Obserno Surfaster 540 Mercury Seashell
Bride Guardangel Fulltune 0.25 Terra
Illusion Swin-Jin Deliriam 420 Gummy
Prophet Piercing Deliriam 20 Nature
Flawless Guardangel Ignox 0.25 Terra
Balloon Ignox Fulltune 0.25 Terra
Chakra Poseadus Cosmoprime 300 Archangel
Underworld Obserno Ankeror 420 Metal
Amber Edeluxe Turkgon 540 Ice
Amazing Surfaster Ankeror 720 Hammer
Dreamcatcher Deliriam Turkgon 540 Dandelion Mojito

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