Gen IIIEdit

Generation III: The Rare Hybrid Dragons. These dragons have two Elements that are Opposites, and can be bought for Gem template at the store. This generation is bound to Category 4.

As the target Offspring possesses Opposite Elements, you can't breed members of this Generation with 2 Elementals. You need 2 Hybrids or Exclusives in order to have a small chance at obtaining a Rare Hybrid.

Breeding together Rare Hybrids can result in any of the dragons expected from breeding together two regular hybrids.

Generation III-b: The Stage 3 Rare Hybrid Dragons. These dragons have 3 elements where two are opposites of each other, and can be bought for gems at the store. This generation varies between Category 2 and Category 3.

Generation III-b is otherwise similar to Generation III.

Note: In order to result a dragon from this generation you will have to unlock Stage 3. It's currently unknown how this process works.

"I note, however, that it appears easier to breed a Gen III-b dragon using a wildcard and a Hybrid that already possesses two of the 3 elements required." (talk) 17:29, August 3, 2013 (UTC)

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