Castle Island


  • Start: 05 Feb 2014 00:00:00 +0000
  • Duration: 10 days
  • End: 15 Feb 2014 00:00:00 +0000

The GameEdit

  • Join the Castle Quest to get two unique dragons by fighting and collecting items around Dragon City.
  • Defeat a dragon on each step of the map. Face the Black Knight Dragon at the end of the road. Beat him to get it!
  • Complete the Castle Quest by collecting these items.
    Get them all and claim your treasure!
  • Collect items around Dragon City to win unique Dragon prizes!
  • Remember that you can collect more items by using speedups in farming, breeding and combats!
  • You can collect from breeding, farming, collecting daily items, collecting habitats and combat wins!
  • To get the White Knight Dragon you must collect a certain number of items (56 items).
  • To get the Black Knight Dragon you must collect all items of each type (70 total) and win all Castle Fights!
  • It costs 299 Gem template to buy out the quest. (See illustration.)


IMG 0705
Icon Name Action Tooltip Requires
X Battle BATTLE Fight Here! Every 12 hours, you have a chance to fight a NPC dragon in the Castle Quest Map. If you defeat the dragon, you get 1 Battle and complete 1 checkpoint. 10
X Flags FLAGS Get Gold Gold Bar Icon Collect gold from habitats to get the Flag
The bigger amount of gold, the higher chance you will get the Flag.
X Crowns CROWNS Get Food Food gon Harvest crops from farms to get the Crown
The bigger amount of food, the higher chance you will get the Crown.
X Medalions MEDALLIONS Fight PvP! Deafeat player in PvP Combat World to get the Medallion. 15
X Helmets HELMETS Breed Dragons Breed your dragons to get the Helmet
The longer of breeding time, the higher chance you will get the Helmet.
X Hidden Objects HIDDEN OBJECTS Get Them Daily Come back every 12 hours to get the Hidden Object. 8

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