Item Name Needed Tooltip Pool Buy item Gem template
Celestial Brooch BROOCH 22 Get it by collecting gold! 8 Varies per unit
Celestial Firefly FIREFLY 15 Get it by feeding your dragons! 5 Varies per unit
Celestial Wing WING 3 Complete Quests! 1 9
Dainty Dragon 3

Dainty Battle MapEdit

# Dragon Critical Avoid
1 Element TerraElement Flame Flaming Rock Round MetalRound War Round NatureRound DarkRound SeaRound Ice
2 Element TerraElement Metal Armadillo Round MetalRound War Round NatureRound DarkRound TerraRound Ice
3 Element IceElement TerraElement Nature Dainty Round FlameRound Metal Round NatureRound WarRound NatureRound DarkRound DarkRound Light

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