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Cold Star Dragon m3
Name: Cold Star DragonHabitat: Symbol LightElem IceHabitat Lv: 14
Type: ExclusiveShop Lv: 26Shop: 1,500 Gem template
Hatch: 192000 Xp templateSell: 192000 Gold Bar IconBreeding: 1 day
Hatching: 1 dayCategory: 4Generation: EX-II-d


Cold Star Dragon 0 Cold Star Dragon 1 Cold Star Dragon 2 Cold Star Dragon 3
Egg Level 1-3 Level 4-6 Level 7-40


Stadium and Training 1
Lv Attack Base Time Train Attack Base
4 Round Physical Hard Charge 488 Expression error: Unexpected >= operator.Expression error: Unexpected / operator.Expression error: Unexpected / operator.Expression error: Unexpected < operator. [[|link=:Category:{{Data:|e1}} Dragons|{{Data:|e1}}|25px]][[|link=:Category:{{Data:|e2}} Dragons|{{Data:|e2}}|25px]][[|link=:Category:{{Data:|e3}} Dragons|{{Data:|e3}}|25px]][[|link=:Category:{{Data:|e4}} Dragons|{{Data:|e4}}|25px]] Out of Time
4 Round Light Light Star 1050 1 day Round Ice Icy Wind 1200
8 Round Ice Snow Storm 1050 2 days Round Light Enlightning Wisdom 1200
15 Round Ice Frost Nova 550 2 days Round Ice Cryogenic Freeze 1350

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Born in cold outer space, this dragon's diet consists of White Dwarf stars and tomatoes, that's why he travels around galaxies. The Cold Star Dragon is the most spaced out of them all.


Automated Names

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