This page is meant to gather information about the ne combat damage formula introduced in May 2013. If you want to contribute, send your dragons to battle and write down the damage they dish out, and then enter those values here.

Important: Do not start fighting and *after* seeing the damage number, decide for writing down. *First* decide to note values, then start fighting, and after fighting stop making mental notes. Or, if you remember that you want to record values, only write down values *after* you had this thought. The reason for this rule is complex mathematics, otherwise the numbers here will be biased.

In the list below, write down the Name of the Dragon, the Attack used, the Level of the Dragon, the ranks (in the format B, BB, BBB, S,SS, SSS, G, GG, GGG) and in the last column the damage you have seen. If your dragon's attack is effective, write down in the format "14220 (2x)" or do the calculation yourself (i.e., write down "7110"). If your attack is weak, use the format "3555 (x0.5)" or do the calculation yourself, i.e., multiply by 2.

Note that some attacks (like Hypnosis & Pure Energy) are equally strong as are some dragons. E.g., all legendary dragons have the same strength, and the same attacks, thus, the results can be combined. The Grim Reaper attack from a Dark Dragon, however, is not the same as the Grim Reaper attack from a Petroleum Dragon. In general one can say that all dragons belong to one of 5 categories, and all attacks to ~15 categories. If both match, then it is fine to include the results in the same array. It is sure that ranks give 5% bonus damage per rank, so if your dragon has 1 gold star (=7 ranks), you are free to divide all your damage results by 1.35 and put it in a line where the same dragon and attack category lists no star, or you multiply it with 1.45/1.35=29/27=1.074 and put it in the row of a GGG dragon.

Dragon categories:

  1. (C1) Elemental Dragons
  2. (C2)  ~50% of all hybrid dragons (Flaming Rock, Waterfall, Mud, Tropical, Firebird, Laser, ...)
  3. (C3) The other hybrid dragons and some unique dragons (Volcano, Seashell, Coral, Hot Metal, ...)
  4. (C4) All rare hybrids and some unique dragons
  5. (C5) All the legends and the pure dragons

Attack categories:

  • All physical attacks are own categories, of which there are 8. So don't join results from physical attacks with other results.
  • Elemental 1 (E1): Lava balls, Earthquake, Tsunami, ...
  • Elemental 2 (E2): Flaming Arrows, Meteor Shower, Flooding, ...
  • Elemental 3 (E3, usually need 12h of training): Nuclear Hit, Tumble Weed, Storm, ... Rainbow
  • Elemental 4 (E4, usually need 24h of training): Flame Thrower, Asteroid, Acid Rain, ... Aurora Borealis
  • Elemental 5 (E5, usually need 48h of training): Magma Storm, Sand Storm, Whirl Pool, ... Legend Spell
  • Elemental 6 (E6, so far only on Pures): Hypnosis, Pure Energy, Pure Light

Dragon Attack Lvl Ranks Damage values reported
Armadillo (C4) Ninja Stars (E4) 15 BB 4205, 4711, 


Cryogenic Freeze (E5) 15 BB 4286, 4289, 4763, 4417, 4253, 4108, 
Soccer (C4) Cryogenic Freeze 15 G 5078, 
Legendary (C5) Legend Spell (E5) 15 B 4734, 4412, 4400, 4172, 4750, 4865, 4337, 4632, 4922, 4312, 
Legendary Legend Spell 15 BB 4876, 4626, 4865, 4617, 
Legendary Legend Spell 15 BBB 4514, 4471, 5265, 5301, 4935, 5308, 4815, 5427, 4984, 5188
Legendary Legend Spell 17 S 5325, 5321, 6080, 5859, 5646, 5886, 5230, 5222, 5540, 5832, 
Legendary Legend Spell 17 SS 5755, 6197, 5695, 5653, 6317, 
Legendary Legend Spell 18 S 5625, 6363, 6427, 5707, 5526, 5734, 6462, 6353, 5574, 5821, 
Legendary Legend Spell 18 SS 5870, 
Legendary Legend Spell 18 SSS 6203, 6447, 5787, 
Legendary Legend Spell 19 SS 6580, 
Legendary Legend Spell 19 SSS 6712, 7199, 6081, 6560, 6788, 6552, 6444, 6937, 
Legendary Legend Spell 19 G 7351, 6401, 7287, 6459, 7075, 6660
Pure (C5) Pure Energy (E6) 18 B 5796, 
Pure Pure Energy 18 BB 5147, 6084, 5362, 5795, 5469, 5890, 5362, 6201, 5899, 5965, 5836, 5159, 5524, 

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