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Crafting Workshop


Do you want the best crystals? You'll have to polish them, but don't worry! You've come to the right place to do so. Use your polished crystals and gemstones to summon dragons and level them up.


It is used to craft high level crystals from low level crystals.


Gem Raw to Clean Clean to Pure Pure to Fine Fine to Neat Neat to Bright Bright to Squared Squared to Carved Carved to Oval Oval to Perfect
Raw Ruby Ruby Clean Ruby 30 Platinum-money Pure Ruby 68 Platinum-money Fine Ruby 100 Platinum-money Neat Ruby 152Platinum-money Bright Ruby 228 Platinum-money Squared Ruby Platinum-money Carved Ruby Platinum-money Oval Ruby Platinum-money Perfect Ruby Platinum-money
Raw Sapphire Sapphire Clean Sapphire 32 Platinum-money Pure Sapphire72 Platinum-money Fine Sapphire 105 Platinum-money Neat Sapphire 160 Platinum-money Bright Sapphire 240 Platinum-money Squared Sapphire Platinum-money Carved Sapphire Platinum-money Oval Sapphire Platinum-money Perfect Sapphire Platinum-money
Raw Topaz Topaz Clean Topaz 34 Platinum-money Pure Topaz 75 Platinum-money Fine Topaz 110 Platinum-money Neat Topaz 165 Platinum-money Bright Topaz 250 Platinum-money Squared Topaz Platinum-money Carved Topaz Platinum-money Oval Topaz Platinum-money Perfect Topaz Platinum-money
Raw Emerald Emerald Clean Emerald 36 Platinum-money Pure Emerald 82 Platinum-money Fine Emerald 120 Platinum-money Neat Emerald 180 Platinum-money Bright Emerald 275 Platinum-money Squared Emerald Platinum-money Carved Emerald Platinum-money Oval Emerald Platinum-money Perfect Emerald Platinum-money
Raw Onyx Onyx Clean Onyx 38 Platinum-money Pure Onyx 88 Platinum-money Fine Onyx 130 Platinum-money Neat Onyx 195 Platinum-money Bright Onyx 295 Platinum-money Squared Onyx Platinum-money Carved Onyx Platinum-money Oval Onyx Platinum-money Perfect Onyx Platinum-money
Raw Diamond Diamond Clean Diamond 42 Platinum-money Pure Diamond 95 Platinum-money Fine Diamond 140 Platinum-money Neat Diamond 210 Platinum-money Bright Diamond 320 Platinum-money Squared Diamond 480 Platinum-money Carved Diamond Platinum-money Oval Diamond Platinum-money 50px Platinum-money

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