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Deliriam summoning

Lord of Trance

Dragon DataEdit

Elements Ancient ElementElement DreamElement Nature
Summoning Crystals Neat Ruby x2 Fine Topaz x8Fine Emerald x8Pure Onyx x10Clean Diamond x10

Requirements for level 2

Bright Ruby x1Bright Sapphire x1Neat Topaz x1Neat Emerald x1Fine Onyx x1
Requirements for level 3 Bright Ruby x1Bright Topaz x1Bright Emerald x1Neat Onyx x1Pure Diamond x1
Requirements for level 4 Bright Ruby x1Bright Sapphire x1Bright Emerald x1Neat Onyx x1Fine Diamond x1
Requirements for level 5 Bright Sapphire x1Bright Topaz x1Bright Emerald x1Bright Onyx x1Neat Diamond x1

level 1

30 per hour
level 2 41 per hour
level 3 53 per hour
level 4 66 per hour
level 5 81 per hour


Deliriam Dragon 1 Deliriam Dragon 2 Deliriam Dragon 3
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Deliriam Dragon 4 Deliriam Dragon 5
Stage 4
Stage 5


Deliriam belongs to the dimension of dreams and trance. He can see into your deepest desires and your hidden hopes when you’re sleeping and won’t hesitate to play mind games at your expense.


  • The thirteenth dragon in the Ancient Portal is Deliriam, Lord of Trance.
  • The term Delirious means that someone is in an acutely disturbed state of mind, characterised by restlessness, illusions and incoherence.


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