I'm Deus the Dragon Master and I'll help you on your way to become a powerful Dragon Master too!
Vital statistics
Title Dragon Master
Gender Apparently Male
Status Active
Information for Deus
Deus is the first character you encounter in the storyline. He helps you through completing Goals. You can visit his city.

Deus Edit

Deus is the "CPU friend" of the game. Although Deus is not a real player in Dragon City, "he" is one of your neighbours and always one or two levels above you until you reach level 50. A player can always visit "his" city.

Deus's Dragons Edit

Terra Dragon

Venom Dragon

Flame Dragon

Dark Fire Dragon

Storm Dragon

Lantern Fish Dragon

Gold Dragon

Coral Dragon

Firebird Dragon(x2)

Nenufar Dragon

Seashell Dragon

Pearl Dragon

Pure Nature Dragon

Volcano Dragon

Platinum Dragon

Tropical Dragon

Sky Dragon(x2)

Pure Electric Dragon

Music Dragon

War Dragon

Colossal Dragon

Armadillo Dragon

Steampunk Dragon

Aztec Priest Dragon

Aztec Emperor Dragon


  • Deus is revealed to have a brother in the The Dungeon Island Quest named Darkus, which is Deus based on Zeus while Darkus is based on Hades.
  • His name is Latin for God.
  • Deus is the friend of Odin Dragon.
  • Deus carries a scepter with an embedded Firebird Dragon egg.
  • His name is mentioned in many Dragons' descriptions such as of the Wyvern Dragon, Archangel Dragon, Fallen Angel Dragon etc
  • It appears that Deus is some sort of god or higher entity,capable of commanding any dragon and also creating life out of inanimate object,such as the Origami Dragon.


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