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Deus Breeding Nest
This is the 3rd breeding building in game, along with Breeding Mountain and Ultra Breeding Tree.

Description: This is where the magic happens too, but this time in a Nest! Put two dragons in and see what comes out! Speedup with Gems if you want to find out faster.

  • Cost: N/A
  • Level: 1
  • Size: 6x6
  • Limit: 1

This Building is useful for who has the Hatchery upgraded to level 3, and those who likes to breed Legend


  • 16/08/2013: Released in the Offer New Starter Pack for new players.
  • Almost immediately the DBN started displaying problems --> see Known Bugs
  • The Building will someday soon come to a price for big level players
  • The Deus Breeding Nest can only breed 1 pair of dragon at a time


The Deus Breeding Nest was reactivated on 9/12/2013.  It is only supported in the PC version at this time.


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