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Deus Pet Dragon m3
Name: Deus Pet DragonHabitat: Elem EarthElem FireHabitat Lv: 1
Type: ExclusiveShop Lv: 1Shop: N/A
Hatch: 1 Xp templateSell: 100 Gold Bar IconBreeding: 1 min
Hatching: 1 min Category: 4Generation: EX


Deus Pet Dragon 0 Deus Pet Dragon 1 Deus Pet Dragon 2 Deus Pet Dragon 3
Egg Level 1-3 Level 4-6 Level 7-40


Stadium and Training 1
Lv Attack Base Time Train Attack Base
4 Round Physical Flying Kick 413 12 hours Round Physical Stunning Hit 638
4 Round Terra Earthquake 550 12 hours Round Terra Tumble Weed 1050
8 Round Flame Flaming Arrows 650 12 hours Round Flame Nuclear Hit 1050
15 Round Terra Meteor Shower 650 1 day Round Terra Asteroid 1200
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Everybody knows Deus loves Dragons! But as always happens, he has a favourite. The chosen one is the Deus Pet Dragon, probably because it is one of the cutest dragons ever created.


  • This Dragon can only be obtained through the New Starter Pack.
  • This New Starter Pack is only available for players level 1 to 9 in this game.

Automated Names

Automated names are the names that automatically given by the game after your dragon's egg hatched. You can change these names to whatever you would like. However, changing dragon's name after the egg hatched would not considered as an automated name. Automated name could only be maximum of nine characters in length.

Click " Here " to add your automated dragon's names if the name of your dragon is not yet listed there, feel free to add it anytime.



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