The Deus Vault has been removed from the game.
People that have already bought a Deus Vault are able to continue using the formulas they bought.
Deus vault

Description :

"Learn formulas and learn to breed special dragons"

Sell : 250,000 Gold Bar Icon

Buy : 500,000 Gold Bar Icon

XP : 25,000 Xp template

Lv : 20


In order to breed anyone of the 16 dragons listed below, you will need to buy the formula in the Deus Vault first. Only the dragons with matching element's order as listed could breed to get that specific dragon.

Dragon's Name Parent-1 elems Parent-2 elems Formula Cost Success %rate *
1 Dujur Dragon Round FlameRound Ice  Round Electric 1,500 Gem template 100 1
2 Great White Dragon Round ElectricRound Metal Round Ice 70 Gem template 100 2
3 Two Headed Dragon Round TerraRound Nature Round Dark 90 Gem template 100 3
4 Queen Dragon Round FlameRound Metal Round SeaRound Nature  2,5 M Gold Bar Icon 70 4
5 Viking Dragon Round FlameRound Ice Round SeaRound Ice 300 Gem template 100 5
6 Plankton Dragon Round NatureRound Sea Round TerraRound Nature 200 Gem template 100 6
7 Aztec Dragon Round TerraRound Nature Round FlameRound Nature 350 Gem template 100 7
8 Fossil Dragon Round Dark Round Ice 5 M Gold Bar Icon 70 8
9 Bat Dragon Round TerraRound Dark Round TerraRound Metal 125 Gem template 100 9
10 Seahorse Dragon Round SeaRound Electric Round NatureRound Ice 50 Gem template 100 10
11 King Dragon Round FlameRound Metal Round ElectricRound Flame 450 Gem template 100 11
12 Sky Dragon Round FlameRound Electric Round SeaRound Flame 250 Gem template 100 12
13 Jelly Dragon Round TerraRound Sea Round FlameRound Terra 150 Gem template 100 13
14 Quetzal Dragon Round TerraRound Nature Round FlameRound Nature 175 Gem template 100 14
15 Thanksgiving Dragon Round SeaRound Dark Round Flame 125 Gem template 100 15
16 Ninja Dragon Round NatureRound Metal Round SeaRound Metal 100 Gem template 100 16


  • Deus Vault existed on game data since Feb 14, 2013 but was released on Feb 26,2013.
  • On 26/02/2013 the Fossil Dragon receipt is increased from 2 to 5 MGold Bar Icon
  • On ??/03/2013 the Sky Dragon receipt is increased from 90 to 250 Gem template
  • On ??/03/2013 the Aztec Dragon receipt is increased from 75 to 350 Gem template
  • Despite Deus Vault is not longer available, is still working but at lower rates of succeed. (Sep, 2015)


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