Overview Edit

  • Name: Draek Dragon
  • Type: Exclusive
  • Breeding Time: 17:00:00
  • Hatching Time: 23:00:00
  • Elements: War, Dark and Terra
  • Category: 6
  • XP: 150000
  • Gems Cost: 4500
  • Sell Price: 432000


The Draek Dragon was born for battle! He is ferocious and entirely devoted to winning. That's why he doesn't get on with the Drato Dragon, whom he considers a distraction for the team.

Signature Attack: Deus Axe

Characteristic: Born To Win, Serious, Obsessed With Duty

Dislike: Drato, A Constant Distraction

Nemesis: Heat Dragon

Trivia Edit

  • He is the first dragon in the Legends of Deus.
  • He and Dracon are the 2 only dragons that can use Deus Axe.
  • He needs 5 Green Orbs to obtain.

Automated Names Edit

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