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Dragon Book or Book of Dragons is a collections checklist. Players are rewarded for completing Breeding and Feeding goals, on a per-collection basis.

  • It can be found by
    • clicking the "Storage, news and much more"-button (the globe situated to the upper right of the "Build" button) on the FB app
    • tapping "Menu" button (the scroll) on the Android or iOS App.
  • Each Dragon is counted thrice towards the final tally, once for each stage of Hatchling, Juvenile and Adult.
  • There are between 3-5 Dragons per collection, inclusive.
  • Players are awarded 2-9 Gem template per collection for completing it, depending on collection.
  • Collections containing Dragons that are more difficult to Breed also carry greater rewards.

The Player's total progress is displayed in the top left corner of The Book of Dragons.

Not all dragons are placed in the Book of Dragons, There are only 123 Dragons or 369 Evolutions, so in total there are 0 dragons that are not included.

List of all dragons that are not included in collections:

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Collection Dragons Image Gems
The Elemental Collection Terra Dragon 1) Elemental Collection 2
Flame Dragon
Sea Dragon
Nature Dragon
Electric Dragon
The Monstrous Collection Mud Dragon 2) Monstrous Collection 3
Poo Dragon
Tropical Dragon
Hedgehog Dragon
Carnivore Plant Dragon
The Red Hot Collection Firebird Dragon 3) Red Hot Collection 2
Flaming Rock Dragon
Volcano Dragon
Spicy Dragon
Medieval Dragon
The Scary Collection Dark Dragon 4) Scary Collection 3
Vampire Dragon
Pirate Dragon
Zombie Dragon
Rattlesnake Dragon
The Blue Planet Collection Nenufar Dragon 5) Blue Planet Collection 2
Waterfall Dragon
Coral Dragon
Penguin Dragon
Lantern Fish Dragon
The Heavy Metal Collection Metal Dragon 6) Heavy Metal Collection 4
Gold Dragon
Mercury Dragon
Platinum Dragon
Armadillo Dragon
The Frosty Collection Ice Dragon 7) Frosty Collection 2
Blizzard Dragon
Icecube Dragon
Alpine Dragon
Cool Fire Dragon
The Legendary Collection Legendary Dragon 8) Legendary Collection 5
Wind Dragon
Mirror Dragon
Crystal Dragon
The Bizarre Collection Gummy Dragon 9) Bizarre Collection 3
Soccer Dragon
Petroleum Dragon
Pearl Dragon
Jade Dragon
The Heaven & Earth Collection Cactus Dragon 10) Heaven & Earth Collection 2
Cloud Dragon
Star Dragon
Storm Dragon
Dandelion Dragon
The Sparky Collection       Laser Dragon 11) Sparky Collection 4
Battery Dragon
Fluorescent Dragon
Neon Dragon
The Hot & Cold Collection Dark Fire Dragon 12) Hot & Cold Collection 3
Snowflake Dragon
Hot Metal Dragon
Ice Cream Dragon
Mojito Dragon
The First Pure Collection Pure Dragon 13) First Pure Collection 5
Pure Terra Dragon
Pure Flame Dragon
Pure Water Dragon
Pure Nature Dragon
The Second Pure Collection Pure Electric Dragon

14) Second Pure Collection

Pure Ice Dragon
Pure Metal Dragon
Pure Dark Dragon
The Tough Collection Chameleon Dragon ScreenShot1 3
Seashell Dragon
Moose Dragon
Dragonfly Dragon
Venom Dragon
The Festive Collection Paradise Dragon ScreenShot2 4
Carnival Dragon
Tiny Dragon
Steampunk Dragon
Viking Dragon
The Gaia Collection Seahorse Dragon ScreenShot003 5
Plankton Dragon
Aurora Dragon
Deep Forest Dragon
Hammer Dragon
The Sky Masters Collection Butterfly Dragon ScreenShot004 7
Sky Dragon
Bat Dragon
Fossil Dragon
Lava Dragon
The Multiheaded Collection Two Headed Dragon ScreenShot005 5
Ice&Fire Dragon
Hydra Dragon
The Elder Collection Prisma Dragon ScreenShot006 4
Centipede Dragon
Great White Dragon
Aztec Dragon
The Happy Collection Angry Dragon ScreenShot007 5
Jelly Dragon
Music Dragon
Block Dragon
Joker Dragon
The Luxurious Collection Emerald Dragon ScreenShot008 5
Ruby Dragon
Diamond Dragon
Treasure Dragon
Ivory Dragon
The Basic Light Collection Archangel Dragon ScreenShot009 3
Justice Dragon
Sun Dragon
Gaia Dragon
Luminsicent Dragon
The Advanced Light Collection Rainbow Dragon ScreenShot010 9
Fallen Angel Dragon
Cold Star Dragon
Photon Dragon
Elfic Dragon
The Basic War Collection War Dragon ScreenShot011 3
Juggernaut Dragon
Colossal Dragon
Red Woods Dragon
Leviathan Dragon
The Advanced War Collection Panzer Dragon ScreenShot012 9
Nightwind Dragon
Tesla Dragon
Dark Stone Dragon


  • The dragon book used to show 201 dragons, but only 67 released (with specials, 130). For every level of dragon (baby, adolescent and adult)it shows 1 dragon.
  • As of 18 Feb 2014, the numbers above have been increased to 369, with 123 Dragons (3 levels for each Dragon). Tests are still being conducted.
  • Many Collections have some odd things like all dragons in the Hot and Cold Collection have "Hard Charge" attack or except Battery Dragon, all the dragons in the Sparky Collection look like Electric Dragon etc.
  • In the Mobile version, like the PC version, they are classified into the same collections, but you can select any collection straight from the menu instead.
    • There is also an error in the Mobile version where a Dark Dragon represents The Second Pure Collection, when it isn't in it.

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