• This version is only available on Mobile.
  • It can be found by tapping the book symbol in the upper left. DragonBookInfoButtonIOS
  • The numbers on top indicate number of dragons.
    • The first is how many unique dragons the player has including those in Kindergarten(s) and the Dragonarium.
    • The second number is the total number of dragons in the book (presumably all the dragons in the game).
  • Each dragon is annotated with how it can be obtained.
    • Breeding: DragonBookBreed
    • Store or event: DragonBookEvent
    • Dragon Card:DragonBookCard
    • Some dragons will have more than one annotation.
  • The list can be filtered by rarity and/or element, but not sorted.
  • Dragons currently on sale or part of an event are listed at the start of the list.
  • Selecting an owned dragon that is in a Habitat or Kindergarten is equivalent to selecting it from one of those locations.
  • Selecting a dragon in the Dragonarium or an unowned dragon will bring up its info page.

DragonbookMobile DragonbookMobileRarities DragonbookMobileCategories


  • The mobile dragon book used to show dragons in collections, with Gem template rewards for completing each collection. Each dragon showed 3 levels (baby, adolescent and adult).
  • As of Jul 2015 the rewards, collections, and level distinctions were eliminated, resulting in a single list.
  • On 10 August 2015, coincident with Dragon Cards Packs being available on Mobile, the Dragon Book was updated to show that information.
  • Three dragons are missing from the Dragon Book - Void DragonBeholder Dragon and Sakura Dragon

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