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User AccountsEdit


  • DCW has an Abuse Filter (bot) that is programmed to detect, remove and block spammers/users. Bots can be programmed very well, but still make mistakes. By registering, you reduce the chance that our bot makes a mistake.
  • You will be able to create and receive credit for personal blogs (?).
  • The credit goes towards a ranking on the achievements system.
  • 4 days after registration, you will gain access to protected pages with an semi (?) secured level. Most high traffic pages on this wiki are secured up to this level.


Achievements are awards for doing certain things. Not telling you what they are. It would spoil the fun. :)

Achievements is actually a feature of DCW that can be turned on/off. It is currently on because it would add to the fun if you got a badge for completing some secret tasks that have been set.

Note: Achievements are only available for users with accounts, obviously. The current collection leaders can be found on the Leaderboard page.

Also note that Achievements do not count towards Adminship, in case you are asking.

How to earn a badgeEdit

Experiment with different types of contributions (adding images, editing, etc), duration, and other things.

If you like badges, try collecting all of them. There should be about 30 of them at the moment, although the number can be increased or decreased, and there may be changes to the system to keep everyone guessing. No, not telling you when, where or what, also please do not spam to get any achievements, this might result in a warning or even a ban.

Good luck!

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