Farm Island

This event has expired on 19 Aug 2015 12:00:00 +0000.

Farm Island
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  • It was released on 30/7/2015.
  • 10 dragons were available in it, 4 of them were new.
  • It is similar to the Throne Island event.

How To Edit

You start the island with a number of Farm Cookies and you use to it to open the boxes one the map until you get to a Fight Encounter or to a dragon.

Collecting Event CoinsEdit

Action Pool Maximum Farm Cookies
Collecting Gold 5 200 Farm Cookies
Collecting Food 25 500 Farm Cookies
Feeding dragons 60 100 Farm Cookies
Winning PvP 60 N/A
Breeding Dragons 150 N/A
Hatching a Hybrid 250 N/A
Hatching a tribrid 375 N/A
Hatching a Legend 500 N/A
  • You can get 5 Farm Cookies as maximum when collecting Gold Bar Icon at one time.
  • You can get 18 Farm Cookies as maximum when collecting Food gon at one time.

Fight ListEdit

Dragons RewardsEdit

Cat Dragon 3Element FlameElement Dark

Bunny Dragon 3Element NatureElement TerraElement Pure

Black Swan Dragon 3Element DarkElement SeaElement Pure

Chicken Dragon 3Element ElectricElement NatureElement Light

Hansel & Gretel Dragon 3Element NatureElement FlameElement Terra

Sheep Dragon 3Element IceElement DarkElement War

Chocolate Dragon 3Element DarkElement NatureElement War

Cow Dragon 3Element LightElement MetalElement Pure

Felidae Dragon 3Element Legend

Pig Dragon 3Element LegendElement Dark

Decoration RewardsEdit



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