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Flaming Rock Dragon

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Flaming Rock Dragon

"What happens when you set earth eternally on fire? This Dragon is one of the most energetic ones around. Flaming Rock especially loves Rock music and Dragon Chili snacks."
Vital statistics
Type add
Available Level 1
Incubation Time 30 mins
Gem Cost 25Gem template
Gold Cost N/AGold Bar Icon
Sell 200Gold Bar Icon
Hatch 50Xp template



You can get this dragon by breeding a Fire Dragon with an Earth Dragon at the Breeding Mountain or Ultra Breeding Tree.

Breeding a Fire Dragon with an Earth Dragon may also result in a Vulcano Dragon. Although it seems flaming rock dragons are more common than vulcano dragons.

Flaming Rock Gallery

Flaming Rock Leveling



Attacks Element
Flying kick Fighting
Earthquake Earth
Flaming arrows Fire
Meteor shower Earth

Training Center

Attacks Element
Stunning hit Fighting
Tumble weed Earth
Nuclear hit Fire
Asteroid Earth

Damage Calculator

High (2x) Low (0.5x) No Effect
Attacking (Earth) Plant, Dark Earth, Metal Water
Attacking (Fire) Water, Ice Earth, Fire Metal
Defending (Earth) Metal, Ice Earth, Fire Electric

When attacking with Earth, Flaming Rock deals double damage against Plant and Dark, half damage against Earth and Metal, and no damage against Water. When attacking with Fire, Flaming Rock deals double damage against Water and Ice, half damage against Earth and Fire, and no damage against Metal. When defending, Flaming Rock takes double damage from Metal and Ice, half damage from Earth and Fire and take no damage from Electric.

Counter Dragons

These are dragons that are best suited to defeat this dragon in Combat and there can be any number of good counter dragons:
Metal Dragon
Platinum Dragon


  • It is one of the first two hybrid dragons, the other is Vulcano, and has a short time to hatch. Hatch time is 30 minutes.

External Links

Additional information may be available at Flaming Rock Dragon

Automated Names

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