Why does the free gems videos fail to pay the gems and why do you not recieve the 10 Gems for login to Facebook like it says? To much hassle getting special events and islands to load and dragons buildings ect cost to much in gems to open or accuire. I purchesed a Kindergarden whit the gems required 4 times and never recieved the building or my gems back. Too many tech. issues with this game. Also on old account I was level 68 with all islands except 1 and almost all towers finished plus level 25+dragons but cant access the account at all and had to start from scratch. If these issues persist I will uninstall this game and post my negitave experience with it and its game play to all my social media platforms followers and friends
Catw632 (talk) 16:28, June 4, 2017 (UTC)catw2655 mysteriouslibra79
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