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Obtaining Gems

# Description Requirement Reward
1 Purchasing with real money (credit card or cellphones) Credit Card / Mobile / FB Redemption Card 25 - 2,550 Gem template
2 PVPs (Combat) Win Battles against 7 Teams 2 Gem template (FB)
3 Gem template (Mobile)
3 Stadium Win a Battle against a Themed Battle Team 2 Gem template
1 Gem template (Final battle)
4 XP Level up 1 Gem template
5 Jewelem's Tower Collect once per day 1 Gem template
6 Invite Friends Send an invite to your friend from the main App (not from the Tavern or a mini-game). Your friends must accept the request in a specific manner, and play DC past the Tutorial (Level 15) and other caveats. SP has had some problems with this, so it may not work correctly. 5 Gem template
(FB only)
7 Monday Reward Click on one of three buttons. 5 Gem template
(FB only)
8 Deus Daily Bonus Shuffle the cards once every 24 hours, then pick one. (Caution: your chance is not 1 in 9. It is estimated (not calculated) to be roughly one in 200, or 0.5%. 50 Gem template
(FB only)
9 Completing Collection Of The Dragon Book Breed Dragons to complete the collection, then feed the Dragons to at least lvl 7. 2 - 18 Gem template
(FB only)

How Many Gems a Day?

The following calculation only considers a Player who logs in 3 times a day (8:00am, 2:00pm, 8:00pm) and is reasonably proficient in Battles.

Every week:

  • Tournament 2 wins: 2 x 2 x 7 gems
  • PVP 3 x 3 wins: 9/7 x 3 x 7 gems (3 gems on Mobile Devices; only 2 gems on the PC)

Total per week: 55 gems or about 8 gems a day.

This total does not take into account User Leveling (1 gems per Level), in-game gem gifts (e.g., Alien Invasion, under Space Abduction), gems rewards from completing Dragon Book collections (limited), free gem gifts from DC app page, and so on.

A reasonably proficient DC Player can therefore earn enough gems a month to perform an outright buyout for most DC mini-games/Events. A less proficient Player may need to spend roughly US$2:00 to do the same.


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