Hallowheel is a mini-game based on luck. It was introduced on October 29, 2012 and ended in November 1, 2012. It is a special version of the Wheel of Fortune. The new released Evil Pumpkin Dragon came up as the Big Prize.



There is only one rule to play the game, the player has to choose the normal or special mode. The rest is done by the server, which randomly choses the reward.

Special Notes

Surprise rewards you a Special Release Dragon
PumpkinsPumpkin are the equivalent of FoodFood gon during Halloween 2012

Normal Mode

Cost: Free

Contains: 10Gem template, 10,000Gold Bar Icon, Carnivore Plant Dragon, 2,500Pumpkin, Evil Pumpkin Dragon, Surprise, Pirate Dragon, 5,000Xp template, Zombie Dragon, 5,000Pumpkin, Fountain, etc.

Special Mode

Cost: 10Gem template

Contains: 50Gem template, 100,000Gold Bar Icon, Petroleum Dragon, 7,500Pumpkin, Evil Pumpkin Dragon, Surprise, Pure Dark Dragon, 10,000Xp template, Mirror Dragon, 20,000Pumpkin, Dragon Statue, Bat Dragon, Fossil Dragon, etc.

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