• It was released on 15 August 2016.
  • Three dragons were available in it, one of which is new.

Basics Edit

  • You start with 110 floats.
  • Collect up to 600 floats in each 8 hour period (5400 max for the event)
  • Collection periods start at 24h, 16h, and 8h on the countdown timer; you can collect any time within the period.
  • Once a collection period ends those floats are no longer available.
  • You will get floats: collecting gold and food, feeding, breeding, hatching, and winning PVP battles. Any combination of actions may be used.
  • For breeding and hatching longer times get more floats.
  • To get floats from hatching, the dragon must be placed in a habitat or a Kindergarten.
  • Floats can pay for: opening boxes, skipping fights, and buying dragons.
  • You can go to any spot adjacent to the path you have traversed if you have enough floats.

Float Collection Amounts Edit

Action Max per action
Collecting Gold 6
Collecting Food 18
Feeding Dragons 60
Winning PVP 90
Hatching a 2 element dragon 300
Hatching a 3 element dragon 450
Hatching a legend 600

Least Expensive Routes Edit

Dragon Route Cost Cumulative Cost
Jamaican Top 1510 1510
Bonfire Bottom 3830 5340
Dragasand Top 4130 9470

It is only possible to win Jamaican and Bonfire without missing any collection period.

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