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Ice&Fire Dragon m3
Name: Ice&Fire DragonHabitat: Elem FireElem IceHabitat Lv: 2
Type: ExclusiveShop Lv: 14Shop: 2,000 Gem template
Hatch: 200000 Xp templateSell: 200000 Gold Bar IconBreeding: N/A
Hatching: 1 day 12 hCategory: 4Generation: EX-III-b


Ice&Fire Dragon 0 Ice&Fire Dragon 1 Ice&Fire Dragon 2 Ice&Fire Dragon 3
Egg Level 1-3 Level 4-6 Level 7-40


Stadium and Training 1
Lv Attack Base Time Train Attack Base
4 Round Physical Stunning Hit 638 12 hours Round Physical Judo Kick 863
4 Round Ice Ice Spikes 650 1 day Round Ice Icy Wind 1200
8 Round Flame Nuclear Hit 1050 2 days Round Flame Magma Storm 1350
15 Round Ice Snow Storm 1050 2 days Round Ice Cryogenic Freeze 1350

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Breeding hint: Use dragons level 15 or higher

This creature of extreme controversy is very hard to capture! Its life is a constant migration from the equator to the Antarctic to keep both sides satisfied.


  • Its category should be EX-III-b, as it is a Rare Hybrid.
  • This Dragon first appeared in the Black Market on 2012-12-14.
  • It look like Zippleback dragon from How To Train Your Dragon series.
  • The Ice&Fire Dragon became breedable on 18 Feb 2014 as part of the Multiheaded Dragon Collection in the Dragon Book.

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