Item Name Needed Tooltip Buy item Gem template
RICE BOWL RICE BOWL 60 Get it by collecting gold 60
FRESH FISH FRESH FISH 40 Get it by feeding dragons 40
SHURIKEN NINJA STAR 7 Complete Quests - Fight! 21
FANS FANS 10 Win in Combat World 30
Sensei Dragon 3

Sensei Battle MapEdit

# Dragon Critical Avoid
1 Element FlameElement Pure Ragnor Round SeaRound Electric Round SeaRound IceN/A
2 Element SeaElement NatureElement Light Albino Round FlameRound War Round FlameRound ElectricRound WarRound DarkRound LightRound ElectricRound Dark
3 Element IceElement DarkElement War Sorcerer Round FlameRound Metal Round NatureRound WarRound MetalRound LightRound TerraRound Sea
4 Element Dark Dark Round TerraRound NatureRound Light Round MetalRound Light
5 Element Legend Wind Round Legend Round Legend
6 Element PureElement Dark Pure Dark N/A N/ARound MetalRound Light
7 Element TerraElement LightElement Pure Sensei Round MetalRound War Round NatureRound DarkRound ElectricRound DarkN/A

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