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Kindergarten Icon

The Kindergarten is a Special building used for keeping baby dragons.

In the Kindergarten, any dragon can live here as long as they are at Level 1. While in Kindergarten the dragons cannot be fed.

Besides being decorative, this building is also very useful for storing dragons when you're trying to hatch eggs and don't have room or the required habitat, allowing you to make more Space/Habitats.

This building holds up to 5 Level 1 Dragons. Dragons above this level cannot be moved here, but dragons that are level 1 can be placed here directly from the the Hatchery or from a habitat.


Kindergarten unlocks at Level 13. It costs 30,000 Gold Bar Icon and gives 30,000 Xp template, It takes 4 hours to be built.


"Dragon Kindergarden" is the happiest place on the islands for little baby dragons. Here they will never grow old, but stay young and playful forever!"


  • Kindergarten translates "Children's Garden" from the German Language.
  • Jardín de Infancia (Spanish for Kindergarten)
  • Jardim de infância (Portuguese for Kindergarten)
  • Crèche (French for Kindergarten)
  • Asilo (Italian for Kindergarten)
  • 幼儿园 (Chinese for Kindergarten)
  • Igralište (Serbian  for Kindergarten)
  • Vrtić (Croatian for Kindergarten)
  • Tadika (Malay for Kindergarten)


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