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Our damage values are base values. Actual damage values during battle are randomized.
Round Legend Legendary Wind · Paralyzing Spell · Rainbow · Aurora Borealis · Legend Spell
Legend Spell
Legend Spell


Legend Spell


Round Legend



Training Time

2 days


Dragons that use this attack:

  • <autocategory not implemented yet>


See Combat Strategies for damage calculation.


  • Legend Spell looks like a galaxy (a large cluster of hundreds of thousands - billions of stars) from space but only has four colors.
  • It is the strongest attack currently in the game(Due to it's extremely high BasePower).
  • There are four Legends that can learn this attack: Legendary, Crystal, Droconos and Nirobi. The Wind and Mirror Dragons cannot learn this attack.
  • Legend Spell, Hypnosis and Pure Light are the most rarely seen attacks in the game.

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