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Legends of Deus is the first story adventure in Dragon City. When the evil dragons and their captain, the Witch Dragon wanted to capture the world and they destroyed all the other dragons. So 5 legendary dragons summoned there, with their magnificent leader, the Dracon Dragon. With their power, they help Deus defeated the villains and captured them under the world. But after some years the evils will came back. So we have to get 5 Orbs to summon the Legends of Deus and use them in the Coliseum to defeat their nemeses, and finally summon the Dracon Dragon.

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The Goods:

The Evils:

Orbs Edit

  • Orbs are the main resources in the Legend of Deus. They are use to summon the Legends of Deus, each Orbs is presented for each dragon. Orbs can be obtain from the Shop, card packs, the Coliseum or from watching videos. You need to collect at least 5 Orbs to summon a Legend.

Green Orbs Edit

Green Orbs are use to summon Draek Dragon.


Red Orbs Edit

Red Orbs are use to summon Drato Dragon.

Purple Orbs Edit

Purple Orbs are use to summon Dragem Dragon.

Golden Orbs Edit

Golden Orbs are use to summon Draluxe Dragon.