Light Edit

Opposite and not directly breedable with Dark.


Opposite, not directly breedable with Sea.

War does not appear to have any elemental strengths or weaknesses. In that, it's similar to physical, but it's not weak against Legend Dragons.


Pure has been reclassified as a standard element.  Pure Elementals are now Hybrids whose primary element is Pure.

Combat StatsEdit

Opposite Double Damage Half Damage No Damage

Round Light Attacking

Round Dark Round Electric Round Nature Round Flame
Round Light Defending Round Dark Round Nature Round IceRound Light Round Dark
Round War Attacking Round Sea
Round War Defending Round Sea

Breeding ChangesEdit

There's some update on breeding.

IMG 1036

LaW Breeding Update

Element: You can now breed: You can not breed:
Round Dark Round Sea Round Light
Round Sea Round Dark Round War
Element Round Terra Round Flame Round Sea Round Nature Round Electric Round Ice Round Metal Round Dark Round Light Round War Round Legend
Unbreedable With Round Metal Round Ice Round War Round Electric Round Nature Round Flame Round Terra Round Light Round Dark Round Sea

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