Habitat ChangesEdit

Initial ChangesEdit

  • Pure Elemental Habitats have been removed from shop and existing ones were replaced with normal Pure Habitats. Pure Elemental Dragons all can live in Pure and elemental habitats now.
  • The Dragon limit of Pure habitats has increased to 2.
  • The appearance of the Legend habitat has changed. It takes up less space and is easier to click on, and is also the first habitat to have animation.
  • The earning caps on pure and legendary habitats have been substantially decreased. Legend habitats now cap at 350k and Pure habitats cap at 80k.
  • New habitats now exist for Light and War. The caps are substantially higher than the new caps on Legend and Pure habitats.
  • Pure habitat sells for 1M and Legend habitat sells for 2M despite their high costs (most structures in the game sell for half their original cost, but Pure costs 30M and Legend costs 40M).


Habitats gold caps recieved a substantial buff.


Habitat build times were nerfed.

New HabitatsEdit

Name Gold Bar IconCost Xp template Gold Bar IconCap Dragon Amount build time


16M 2M 40k 2 12 Hours
Big Light 24M 3M 120k 3 24 Hours
War 22M 2.75M 60k 2 18 Hours
Big War 30M 3.75M 180k 3 30 Hours


The gold cap values of elemental habitats have changed. They now increase by a set increment in elemental order. Legend Habitat storage cap was also changed.

Elemental OrderEdit

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Round Terra Round Flame Round Sea Round Nature Round Electric Round Ice Round Metal Round Dark

Small habitatsEdit

Small habitats now increase in storage cap by +2500 Gold Bar Icon in Elemental Order to the original cap of Dark. The exception is Terra which should be 2500 by this logic.

Habitat symbol old value new value change % change value
Terra Round Terra 500 500 +/-0% 0
Flame Round Flame 7500 5000 -33% -2500
Sea Round Sea 10000 7500 -25% -2500
Nature Round Nature 7500 10000 +33% 2500
Electric Round Electric 3000 12500 +317% 9500
Ice Round Ice 15000 15000 +/-0% 0
Metal Round Metal 15000 17500 -14% 2500
Dark Round Dark 20000 20000 +/-0% 0

Big HabitatsEdit

Big habitats now increase by 10k in Elemental order.

Habitat symbol old value new value change % change value
Big Terra Round Terra 2k 10k +100% 8k
Big Flame Round Flame 25k 20k -20% -5k
Big Sea Round Sea 50k 30k -40% -20k
Big Nature Round Nature 30k 40k +33% 10k
Big Electric Round Electric 60k 50k +733% 10k
Big Ice Round Ice 75k 60k -20% -15k
Big Metal Round Metal 30k 70k +133% 40k
Big Dark Round Dark 80k 80k +/-0% 0

Legend HabitatEdit

The legend habitat received a modest buff, quite possibly because of strong user outcry of it's recent nerf of over 50% during the Light and War update.

Habitat symbol old value new value change % change value
Legend Round Legend 300k 350k +17% 50k


Habitat build times were nerfed (increased).  Previously, the maximum basic habitat build time was 2 hours.  The times now increase gradually toward the build time of the new habitats.

Habitat Element Old Build Time New Build Time Change Delay Time
Flame Habitat Elem Fire 10 seconds 15 seconds 1.5 times 5 seconds
Sea Habitat Water Dragon Symbol 10 seconds 5 minutes 30 times 4 minutes & 50 seconds
Big Terra Habitat Elem Earth 30 seconds 1 hour 120 times 59 minutes & 30 seconds
Nature Habitat Elem Plant 2 minutes 1 hour 30 times 58 mins.
Electric Habitat Elem Electric 2 hours 4 hours 2 times 2 hours
Big Electric Habitat Elem Electric 2 hours 8 hours 4 times 6 hours
Big Ice Habitat Elem Ice 2 hours 12 hours 6 times 10 hours
Dark Habitat Elem Dark 2 hours 15 hours 7.5 times 13 hours
Big Metal Habitat Elem Metal 2 hours 18 hours 9 times 16 hours
Big Dark Habitat Elem Dark 2 hours 30 hours 15 times 28 hours

Known BugEdit

Many users are reporting on bugs with the Big Light Habitat.  Please see the bug tab for more info.

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