Initial Changes

  • Two new elements were introduced - Light and War (which is where the update took its name from).
  • 12 new dragons.
  • Pure elementals are now pure hybrids and can thus be placed in normal habitats (i.e. Pure Terra can be placed both in Pure and in Terra habitats).
  • Earning caps on legendary/pure habitats and dragons were drastically lowered.
  • Level requirements for pure and legend habitats were substantially increased.
  • Wind dragon became unbreedable.
  • Pure elemental habitats were removed from store and existing ones were replaced with standard Pure Habitats.
  • Pure habitats can now hold 2 dragons.
  • Legends can now be bred from pures.
  • New big and small habitats for the new elements.
  • Sell values for legends and above has changed.
  • Pure elemental attacks are now just pure attacks.
  • Pure became a standard element (Pure dragons can now be bought from shop).
  • Breeding time changes for legends and pures.
  • Attack values changed for some pure and legend attacks.
  • Pure habitat costs have increased from the highest one (2.5M) to 15M. Legend Habitats costs increased from 15M to 40M.
  • Many other minor changes.


LaW:2 happened on July 31st, 2013 and brought a much needed buff do discouraged players.

  • Basic and Big Habitat Caps increased, they also now increase as per elemental order.
  • Legend Dragons earnings were increased (still a net loss compared to prior-LaW)
  • Legendary Habitat Cap also increased (still a net loss compared to prior-LaW)


LaW:3 is also called the Stadium update.

  • Diamond Cup now runs up to level 16 (though after 6 it's the same fight).
  • Light Cup added.
  • War Cup added.
  • Black Market Cup added.
  • Exotic Cup added.
  • Extreme Cup added.
  • Legend Cup 7 added.


Normal habitats have been re-revised.  Build times on all basic habitats have increased substantially.

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