The Rainbow Dragon, Panzer Dragon, and Deep Red Dragon can now be fought in combat, but are still unbreedable.

  • Extreme Cup added.
  • Exotic Cup added.
  • Black Market Cup added.
  • Light Cup added.
  • Cup level now goes to 16 for diamond.
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# Cup Names Dragons Rewards
Gem Gold
73-82 Diamond Cup
Lv. 7 - Lv. 16
Pure Metal Dragon m330Wizard Dragon m330Crystal Dragon m330 2 Gem template 37,000 Gold Bar Icon
=> 41,500 Gold Bar Icon
(increase 500 each level)
83 Light Tournament
Lv. 1
Dark Dragon m330Justice Dragon m330Sun Dragon m330 2 Gem template 42,000 Gold Bar Icon
84 War Tournament
Lv. 1
War Dragon m330Juggernaut Dragon m330Colossal Dragon m330 2 Gem template 43,000 Gold Bar Icon
85 Black Market Cup
Lv. 1
Glacial Dragon m330Burning Dragon m330Treasure Dragon m330 2 Gem template 44,000 Gold Bar Icon
86 Exotic Tournament
Lv. 1
Mummy Dragon m330Sphynx Dragon m330Pharaoh Dragon m330 2 Gem template 45,000 Gold Bar Icon
87 Light Tournament
Lv. 2
Gaia Dragon m330Luminsicent Dragon m330Rainbow Dragon m330 2 Gem template 46,000 Gold Bar Icon
88 War Tournament
Lv. 2
Red Woods Dragon m330Leviathan Dragon m330Panzer Dragon m330 2 Gem template 47,000 Gold Bar Icon
89 Black Market Cup
Lv. 2
Wurm Dragon m330Granite Dragon m330Bone Dragon m330 2 Gem template 48,000 Gold Bar Icon
90 Exotic Tournament
Lv. 2
Deep Red Dragon m330Cerberus Dragon m330Demon Dragon m330 2 Gem template 49,000 Gold Bar Icon
91 Extreme Tournament
Lv. 3
Meteor Dragon m330Toxic Dragon m330Monstruous Dragon m330 2 Gem template 50,000 Gold Bar Icon
92 Legendary Tournament
Lv. 7
Droconos29Nirobi30 2 Gem template 51,000 Gold Bar Icon

For further infomation, see Stadium.


  • Extreme Tournament Lvl 3 is wrong-named, since there's no lvl 2 or 1.
  • Probably due to a fail in coding, there's a Dark Dragon on Light cup.

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