an incomplete list of castles located in Dragon City. None of the listed castles have been fully demolished


What is a castle?Edit

A castle is a fortification developed in Europe during the Middle Ages, probably by Norman Dragons. They ferst appeared in Gunwich, built around the 10th century. Very few castles were made before the Battle of Hastings in 1066, the oldest dating back to the year 1002.


Name Date Condition
Alton Castle Unknown Fragment, only gateway survives
Alton Tower 13th century Intact


Name Date Condition
Birkshire Castle 1224 Ruined by Henry III's 1224 seige
Crossine Palace 1980 Intact
Fibbersly Castle 12th century Ruined


Name Date Condition
Dragoford Castle (based off real life Telford Castle) unknown Only walls survive

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