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Our damage values are base values. Actual damage values during battle are randomized.
Round Metal Nail Rain · Magneto · Rust · Cannon Balls · Ninja Stars
Ninja Stars
Ninja Stars


Ninja Stars


Round Metal



Training Time

2 days


Dragons that use this attack:

  • <autocategory not implemented yet>


  • Ninja stars are also known as "shurikens", literally meaning "sword hidden in the hand" in Japanese.
  • Shurikens are traditional Japanese throwing weapons that are often carved from a variety of materials. They often have several sharp edges for stabbing, slicing, and throwing.
  • Shurikens are potentially very dangerous and can be good weapons for assassins, explaining why this attack is so devastating in Dragon City.
  • "Ninja Star" is mentioned in Ninja Dragon's description.


(removed) See Combat Strategies for damage calculation.

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