Poncomber Nisha (1698-1713) was a Predator Dragon who was born a slave in the Dragon Empire in 1698.


He suffered major diseases during his life an hated being a slave. He wrote a letter around 1705 saying:

Dear Ma:

Please rescue me. I hate this place. Get me out of here ASAP! If I don't die of punishment then i'll be sure to die of disease.

From Poncomber

Before his mother could receive the letter, his master found out and almost burnt the letter. It can now be seen on display in the Dragon City Museum.


Nisha died from Cholera during May 1713 in a tigtly packed slave bed. Many other slaves died on the same day as Poncomber. In 1714, he was buried at the Hussle Cemetery, in Hussle. His master, Edward Tucke, who was a Gargoyle Dragon, said: I am happy that that nasty rottbagg has de-slimed away to hell. He deserved it.

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