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Recruitment Tavern

Recruitment Tavern is a building used to get dragons by getting friends to play Dragon City.

This building costs 1000 Gold Bar Icon

It can only be bought once. To get the dragons from Recruitment Tavern, you must request your friends on Facebook. If 3 of them start playing, you can choose one of these dragons.

Recruitment Tavern

There are following dragon you can get:

Dragon Name Level Require Type
Granite Dragon N/A Exclusive
Wurm Dragon 7 Exclusive
Lightning Dragon 9 Exclusive
Glacial Dragon 11 Exclusive
Chainmail Dragon 13 Exclusive
Blue Dragon 15 Exclusive
Treasure Dragon 18 Exclusive
Bone Dragon 21 Exclusive
Gargoyle Dragon 25 Exclusive
Burning Dragon 30 Exclusive

Before the updating of the Recruitment Tavern, these are the following dragon you can get:

Dragon Name Type #
Dandelion Dragon Hybrid 1
Lantern Fish Dragon Hybrid 2
Medieval Dragon Hybrid 3

Recruitment Tavern Mobile

The mobile version of the Recruitment Tavern has been updated and now match the above.


  • On P.C, you need 3 friends to get exclusive dragons with level required.  On Mobile, you also need 3 friends to get hybrid dragons without level required.
  • Before the update, few players used this building because it offered 3 breedable dragons.
  • The mobile version has been updated.


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