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Soccer Dragon
S dragon Trnspt

"The ancestors of this dragon happened to make a home at a football stadium and that's how it all started. The dragons started to watch the games and finally learned how to play themselves."
Vital statistics
Type add
Available Level 13
Incubation Time 12 hours
Gem Cost 250Gem template
Gold Cost N/AGold Bar Icon
Sell 100,000Gold Bar Icon
Hatch 5,000Xp template

Yeray; Alvin; Frosty


The Soccer Dragon is a Rare Hybrid Dragon made of opposite elements. As such, it can not be bred directly from basic dragons. Instead hybrid dragons have to be used at the Breeding Mountain or Ultra Breeding Tree. All possible combinations which may lead to a Soccer Dragon Egg can be found in the Breeding chart.

In the interest of simplicity and remove the need to make any more additions, here are all of the Fire Hybrids on one side and all the Ice Hybrids on the other side. You may additionally breed a Fire Dragon with anything on the right list and an Ice Dragon with anything on the left list, but not Fire with Ice directly.

Pick One
This Side
And One
This Side
Vulcano Alpine
Flaming Rock Snowflake
Cloud Icecube
Blizzard Ice Cream
Firebird Dandelion
Spicy Mojito
Laser Fluorescent
Hot Metal Snowflake
Medieval Pearl
Steampunk Platinum
Vampire Penguin
Dark Fire Fossil
Robot Fire
Butterfly Ice

No possible combination will guarantee a 100% success. If diferent combinations have different chances is not yet confirmed. Any of these combinations could also result in a Cool Fire Dragon. The Cool Fire Dragon which could be bred with anything on either list, a Fire Dragon or an Ice Dragon and potentially yield a Soccer Dragon.

Soccer Gallery

Dragon City Bonk,Bonk,Bonk00:14

Dragon City Bonk,Bonk,Bonk

Soccer Leveling

Level Food
x 4
Gold Bar Icon /
1 5 12 2750
2 10 20 3000
3 20 28 3250
4 40 36 3500
5 80 44 3750
6 160 52 4000
7 320 60 4250
8 640 68 4500
9 1,280 76 4750
10 1,664 84 5000
11 2,163 88 5250
12 2,812 92 5500
13 3,656 96 5750
14 4,753 100 6000
15 6,178 104 6250
16 8,032 108 6500
17 10,441 112 6750
18 13,574 116 7000
19 17,646 120 7250
20 22,940 124 7500
21 29,822 128 7750
22 38,768 132 8000
23 50,398 136 8250
24 65,518 140 8500
25 85,173 144 8750
26 110,725 148 9000
27 143,943 152 9250
28 187,126 156 9500
29 243,264 160 9750
30 316,243 164 10000




Soccer Dragon as shown in the Book of Dragons

Attacks Element
Stunning hit Physical
Ice Spikes Ice
Nuclear hit Fire
Icy Wind Ice

Training Center

Attacks Element
Judo Kick Physical
Magma Storm


Icy Wind Ice
Cygrogenic Freeze Ice

Damage Calculator

High (2x) Low (0.5x) No Effect
Attacking (Fire) Water, Ice Earth, Fire Earth
Attacking (Ice) Earth, Plant Electric, Ice Dark
Defending (Ice) Fire, Metal Water, Ice Water

To explain, when attacking with Fire, Soccer deals double damage against Water and Ice, half damage against Earth and Fire, and no damage against Metal. When attacking with Ice, Soccer deals double damage against Earth and Plant, half damage against Electric and Ice, and no damage against Dark. When defending, Soccer takes double damage from Fire and Metal and half damage from Water and Ice.

Counter Dragons

These are dragons that are best suited to defeat this dragon in Combat and there can be any number of good counter dragons:





  • The shirt is from "Lionel Messi of FC Barcelona"
  • The hint of the Soccer Dragon is has a ball with one horn .
  • It resembles charizard from the pokemon series.

External Links

Additional information may be available at Soccer Dragon

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