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The Stadium is a Special Building where you can combat with your team of dragons. It costs 25,000Gold Bar Icon, yields 25,000Xp template, (different)Gem template, (different)Gold Bar Icon and requires 3 friends to open. Challenges open every 12 hours after the end of each tournament, with the first being available as soon as the Stadium is complete.

You are asked to select three dragons at or above lv 4 from your stable before each tournament. In each tournament, you will meet either two or three challengers. In tournaments named after an element (e.g., Nature Cup 1) you will battle Dragons that are part Nature, while for tournaments named after gems (e.g.,Emerald Cup 1 and Sapphire Cup 1 and ), the challengers may not necessarily be related to one another. 

In November 2015, this Stadium became defunct. It was transformed into a Coliseum and has new tournaments. 


  • The first Dragon you fight will be the first Dragon on the list. The remaining Dragons (for three-dragon battle teams) will appear according to whichever Dragon you are using - an AI system.
  • Where two sets of dragons are listed you will encounter both sets in the order listed.


Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

Level 6

Level 7

Level 8

Diamond Cup Level 9 - 16

Light and War

Final Cup


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