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Dragon Lvl Weakness HP Damage
Petroleum Dragon 20 Round FlameRound War 10,203
Round Dark 4,330
  • Round Physical Stunning Hit: 3,261
  • Round Sea Flooding: 3,745
  • Round Dark Ghost Cloud: 4,330
  • Round Sea Storm: 4,330
Hedgehog Dragon 21 Round MetalRound War 8,146
Round Dark 3,190
  • Round Physical Flying Kick: 2,542
  • Round Terra Earthquake: 3,044
  • Round Dark Leech: 3,190
  • Round Terra Meteor Shower: 3,190
Neon Dragon 21 Round SeaRound Light 8,146
Round Dark 3,190
  • Round Physical Flying Kick: 2,542
  • Round Electric Lightning: 3,044
  • Round Dark Leech: 3,190
  • Round Electric Laser Beam: 3,190

Reward:  2 Gem template and 17500 Gold Bar Icon

Strategy: Use Dark Fire against Petroleum, Coral against Neon and Pearl against Hedgehog.

  • If you are still capped at Level 15, it is not impossible to win, but it will be very hard and you are unlikely to get much further than this battle without getting to Level 20 cap.
  • If you have Level 15 Legendary Dragons they work great!
  • If you have Armadillo Dragons level 15 (2 bronze stars) with Ninja Stars and Asteroids, Neon and Hedgehog will be easily defeated. Asteroids for Neon, Ninja Stars for Hedgehog.

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