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Hover over the icons under "Damage" to see list of attacks.

Dragon Lvl Weakness HP Damage
Firebird Dragon 11 Round SeaRound Electric 3,635
Round Nature 1,932
  • Round Physical Flying Kick: 1,283
  • Round Flame Lava Balls: 1,786
  • Round Nature Poison Ivy: 1,932
Blizzard Dragon 10 Round FlameRound War 3,584
Round Flame 1,927
  • Round Physical Hard Charge: 1,333
  • Round Flame Flaming Arrows: 1,927
  • Round Sea Flooding: 1,927
Flaming Rock Dragon 11 Round MetalRound War 3,635
Round Flame 1,932
  • Round Physical Flying Kick: 1,283
  • Round Terra Earthquake: 1,786
  • Round Flame Flaming Arrows: 1,932

Reward:  2 Gem template and 7,500 Gold Bar Icon


Dragon Level
Gummy Dragon 10
Volcano Dragon 11
Gold Dragon 12

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