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Dragon Lvl Weakness HP Damage
Dark Fire Dragon 36 Round TerraRound NatureRound Light 17,734
Round Flame 6,826
  • Round Physical Hard Charge: 5,648
  • Round Dark Leech: 6,241
  • Round Flame Nuclear Hit: 6,826
  • Round Dark Ghost Cloud: 6,826
Storm Dragon 35 Round FlameRound War 15,418
Round Electric 5,524
  • Round Physical Hard Charge: 4,931
  • Round Sea Flooding: 5,524
  • Round Physical Head Butt: 5,150
  • Round Electric Laser Beam: 5,524
Pure Nature Dragon 37 N/A 25,652
Round Nature 9,458
  • Round Physical Head Butt: 8,279
  • Round Nature Leaf Blast: 9,239
  • Round Physical Hammer Fist: 8,361
  • Round Nature Rottening Spell: 9,458

Reward:  2 Gem template and 31,500 Gold Bar Icon

Strategy: Gummy is ideal for Dark Fire, because it is resistant against its dark attacks, its Rotting spell deals double damage. For Butterfly, Dark Fire is most efficient, with its flame attack and resistance against both of Storm's elemental attacks. For Pure Nature use a Crystal Dragon.

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