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Dragon Lvl Weakness HP Damage
Ice&Fire Dragon 36 Round SeaRound Electric 21,261
Round Flame 7,884
  • Round Physical Stunning Hit: 6,815
  • Round Ice Ice Spikes: 7,299
  • Round Flame Nuclear Hit: 7,884
  • Round Ice Snow Storm: 7,884
Dujur Dragon 37 Round SeaRound Electric 25,652
Round Electric 9,239
  • Round Physical Hard Charge: 8,060
  • Round Ice Frost Nova: 8,507
  • Round Electric Electric Shock: 9,239
  • Round Flame Nuclear Hit: 9,239
Pure Ice Dragon 38 N/A 26,521
Round Pure 10,198
  • Round Physical Head Butt: 8,580
  • Round Ice Icy Wind: 9,759
  • Round Physical Judo Kick: 8,635
  • Round Pure Pure Energy: 10,198

Reward:  2 Gem template and 34000 Gold Bar Icon

Strategy: For Ice&Fire, use a sea attack from Pure Sea Dragon. For Dujur you will want to take out the flame aspect while still avoiding the electric and ice elements. Pure sea is the best choice here as well. For Pure Ice, use a Legend or Pure Dragon.

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